I am the girl behind the camera.  I’m Katie!

I’m a wife, a mother to three children, a serious multi-tasker, professional wrangler of toddlers, the fastest diaper changer you’ll ever meet, a lover of coffee, good wine, and most importantly nature!!

I spent the younger years of my childhood growing up in the north woods of Wisconsin right on Lake Michigan. For this reason, above all things, I am a serious nature lover! I don’t often need an excuse to head back up north where my family still has a home, but when my kids have time off from school, I’ll pack our bags and get on the road before my husband is even out of the shower. 

My husband and I fell in love in the mountains of Colorado while camping along rural lakes, climbing fourteeners, and riding horses along the way. We got married alongside a cabin in Colorado, at the foot of a mountain with the Aspen leaves in full fall peak!! In two very fast years, we had three children. I’m sure some moms are doing that math in their head! After our singleton son was born, we were doubly blessed with TWIN girls. Our kids are young, very active, and keep us on our toes both DAY and NIGHT!

You might be asking yourself, why do I divulge all of this information . . . . well, it’s because of who I am and what I love that makes me a good photographer. I can spot good light, a naturalistic setting, great shadows, a serene moment in between the cries, the fights, and the tantrums of young children.

As a mother, I know all too well how FAST our children grow. Let me help you capture those chubby fingers, those adorable dimples, the baby teeth, and all the rolls on those chunky newborns. Before you know it, it all changes. My goal is to help capture and preserve those moments, so years from now when you look back at these photos, you can still hear their young voices, feel their little hands in yours, and still hear all those wonderful BELLY laughs. 

If you want to take pictures in the woods, on the lake, in the lake (!), on a horse, in the mountains, or at home in great light, I’m YOUR photographer!! 

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photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.

// Dorothea Lange

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