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What is Lifestyle Newborn Photography?

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As a Chicago family photographer, who specializes in lifestyle newborn photography. I have so many people asking me what is a lifestyle newborn session. First, I’d like to say I love what I do and I love in-home lifestyle newborn sessions a little more than posed in-studio newborn sessions. I think parents and siblings are more comfortable at home so their interaction with the baby in their photos as more candid and natural.  During your in-home lifestyle newborn session, I will capture your special moments between family members and the baby.

Last week, I had the pleasure to meet Emily, Davis, and baby Axel at their beautiful home in Evanston. Axel was about two weeks old. He was totally chill and happy during the session. Axel is such a photogenic baby. Look at his bright eyes and red hair!! Emily and David extensively remodeled their home during the pregnancy and moved in right before Axel was born. She has a wonderful blog about their experience and she has a keen eye for design. Definitely worth checking out her blog here.

Before a lifestyle newborn session, I typically have a consultation with the parents. I share with them the tips of how to prepare their session. Since I have been asked several times, I will just share it here with all the expecting moms.

How to prepare a lifestyle newborn session for moms:

For mamas, I understand after just giving birth, you may not feel like yourself and your body may take time to bounce back. You might feel insecure about your post-baby body. But please don’t worry. I will be careful to use angles and poses that are flattering to any post-baby body types.  I know that you may not feel like your normal self, but please know that I will do my best to help you feel supported and beautiful! Let’s talk about your outfits for a lifestyle newborn session. I recommend light neutral colors such as light tan, cream, whites, and pastels. A light flowy dress or even a pretty nightgown always good choices and photograph so pretty. Never hesitate to ask for a recommendation!

How to prepare a lifestyle newborn session for parents :

For parents, I know how tired you are (I have twins after all), and you probably don’t feel like cleaning the house. And THAT is ok. I don’t expect your home to be clutter-free especially when you just welcome a newborn home. I usually suggest parents declutter 2 rooms, where it has the most natural light. It can be your master bedroom, the nursery, or the living room. You can get a big box and toss everything in. Haha.. shouldn’t be too hard right? And you can get it done in 15 minutes.

How to prepare for your newborn baby

For your newborn(s),  please turn up your heat to 75-78 degrees about 1 hour prior to our session. If your furnace can’t keep up the temperature especially in the winter in Chicago. I will bring a space heater with me when I am photographing baby alone or have the baby undressed.  The warmer temperatures help the baby relax and keep them sleepy during our session. Also, I suggest the parents give your baby a full feeding (not just eating snacks. Moms.. you should know what I mean) before our session. Baby tends to more sleepy when they have a full tummy. Regarding your baby’s outfits, I will suggest some light-colored, well-fitting onesies. I will bring several swaddles and jersey knit stretch wraps too.

Here are some of my favorite photos from our lifestyle newborn session. What do you think?!?!

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