engaged couple posing in front of millennium park

A downtown Chicago Engagement Session

September 6, 2021
katie reynolds
engaged couple posing in front of millennium park

Engagement sessions in downtown Chicago have endless opportunities for great photos, and Akira and Austin were the perfect subjects for this session! I’m so looking forward to their wedding in the Fall of 2022.

Austin and Akira were just wonderful people to spend time with and delightful to photograph. Just look at their faces; they just seem to radiate joy in every single picture! Because they were super prepared, we were able to squeeze in three locations (and a glass of wine during a clothing change at a local bar) around the Bean, Millennium Park, and the Michigan Avenue Bridge with views of the Wrigley Building.

I might be a little biased about Chicago being one of the most beautiful American cities, but it turned out so are Austin and Akira agree, so we talked about our love for the incredible architecture in Chicago as we strolled around, capturing photos. 

People sometimes worry about when going to popular locations is having “too many people” in the background of their photos. Quite honestly, I think that’s what makes these locations interesting! This is a vibrant city, and the energy of people on the street is part of what makes it uniquely Chicago.

We were still able to get away from the crowds and capture some great portraits of them with the city behind them in Chicago’s infamous Millennium Park. One of the things I like the best about Chicago engagement sessions in the summer there is so much lovely green space around some of the cities most iconic locations that you get the best of both worlds.

And can we talk about the clothing choices these two made for their session? Pure perfection. They look comfortable, classy, and stylish in every shot. I look at these photos, and I know that in 20 years or 50 years, these photos will not appear dated in any way, and I love that. (And if you need help with clothing choices for your engagement session, I have a guide to help!)

The rain had been threatening off and on; it had the good graces to wait until the end of the session.  Akira and Austin are the kind of glass-half-full people who embrace the unexpected. Instead of ducking for cover and calling the session off, they turned it into a Hollywood romantic ending, kissing in the rain…which turned out to be some of my favorite engagement photos in downtown Chicago ever!

Engagement photos should celebrate your relationship and capture the sweet time between being married, showing who you are right now! If you’re searching for an engagement photographer in Chicago, get in touch, and let’s talk about how I can capture this special time in your life.

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