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Newborn Pictures Chicago | Fresh 48, Newborn Sessions & Lifestyle Sessions

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Newborn Pictures Chicago | Fresh 48, Newborn Sessions & Lifestyle Sessions; What’s the Difference?

A new baby makes you a new family, no matter if this is your first baby or another addition! Just like no two babies are alike, professional photos taken after they come into the world should capture these moments in a way that is the most comfortable for your family. I offer a variety of sessions for newborn pictures in Chicago and the people who love them!

My studio in Lake Forest is a safe and comfortable place for newborn or family sessions, but I am also available for travel. Sessions are available in your home all over greater Chicagoland.

Fresh 48 | Newborn Pictures Chicago

These sessions are so special because they capture a tiny moment in time that can never be recreated; your baby’s first 48 hours on this earth. These sessions can be done wherever you have your baby, a hospital or birth center, or in your home. 

These sessions aim to capture the awe that always surrounds parents after a new baby arrives. Those early moments when you are falling in love, despite your exhaustion, are what I am looking to capture!

These sessions are best done in the morning when baby is sleepy, and the world is a little quieter. I approach these sessions intending to capture your connection and all the new tiny fingers and toes. I recommend that these sessions are focused on Mom/ Dad/Partner/Baby or anyone else deeply involved with the birth.

Typically, the sessions take about 45 minutes to an hour to capture these connections unobtrusively. To reduce the chance of the newborn startle reflex and keep the session quiet and connected, I do not use a flash. All we need is a sunny or well-lit room, and we can make the magic happen.

After your session, you can return to relaxing and enjoying the moments with your new baby!

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Studio Newborn Sessions | Newborn Pictures Chicago

Newborn sessions are best done within 10 days of the baby’s birth. While that may seem quick, newborns grow at an astounding rate in the first few days of life! We want to capture them while they are still sleepy and squishy and before the onset of baby acne, which happens to about half of newborns at around 12-14 days.

I offer sessions in my studio in Lake Forest, or if you prefer, I also offer in-home sessions if traveling is difficult for you or if you want to include other family members in the photos. 

I say this with the conviction of a mom of three who has been there; do not worry about your home being clean and tidy for this session! A newborn session concentrates on connections and not an overall view of your home.

Whether we do the session in your home or the studio, the first goal is to have a warm baby with a full tummy. If possible, feed that baby about 30 minutes before I arrive; that’s the best bet to get them sleepy. However, the baby is the boss, and if things go awry, please do not worry. We move on baby time, with their comfort always coming first.

There really is nothing more beautiful than a newly born baby. For that reason, I keep props to a minimum to concentrate on them while still keeping baby safe and secure. I have some swaddles and neutral headbands available, so there is no need to purchase anything unless you want to.

I’m also happy to include family members in the session if you wish. Newborn sessions take approximately 2 hours, so there is plenty of time for changes, feedings, soothing, and cuddles. 

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Lifestyle Newborn Sessions In your Home | Newborn Pictures Chicago

Lifestyle sessions are a popular choice for families looking for photos that are less posed and have more of a storytelling feel. They can be a perfect choice if you have other children, a blended family, or want to include other special people like grandparents in the photos. 

You do not have to have an immaculate, perfectly decorated home for these sessions. These lifestyle sessions should show life! Life is sometimes a bit messy and complicated. The result is a mix of beautiful portraits and photos that will capture your family as they are at this point and time.

Before the session, we’ll talk about your goals for this session, as well as your comfort level in terms of bottle or breastfeeding or using a pacifier use during the session should we need to soothe the baby. I can also bring several things to help soothe the baby, such as a small space heater and a white noise machine.

I’ll be spending about two hours with you and your family, so I want you to treat me like a friend with a camera. I love these sessions because they are unhurried and relaxed. If you have small children, they can also be more reassuring for them because they may be less intimidated by them than a studio session after welcoming a new sibling into their lives.

We start with the newborn session, getting those beautiful close-up photos of your new family member with and without the parents. I’m also happy to take breastfeeding photos if you wish; this is easily accomplished with nothing more than a white sheet and a place for you to sit where baby is warm.

From there, we can add in siblings or family members, and I’ll give light direction to get a combination of posed photos and lifestyle photos that show that show loved your new baby is as they spend their first days with their family.

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Your Baby’s Safety

As a professional photographer and as a mom, your baby’s safety is my highest priority. I will not put the baby in positions that are questionable for any photo opportunity. No matter where we are photographing, you will always be nearby the baby in your home or my cozy Lake Forest studio, and baby will always be on a safe and secure surface. 

You may see photos online of newborns that appear like they are holding their heads up, in froggy-like poses, or inserted into flower pots, etc. Please know that these photos are accomplished in post-production by removing hands holding up the baby or inserting them into the item they seem to be sitting or lying in Photoshop. This is a specific style that I do not adopt, preferring to show babies in their more natural state and the connection that parents have with them. 

Which Session is Right For Your Family?

There is no right or wrong answer to this! Some families will hire me for a Fresh 48 session and also an in-home Lifestyle session. My goal is to make sure all the moments you want to be photographed during this special time are captured and enjoyed.

If you’d like to discuss the sessions more in-depth, I am always happy to chat on the phone, and we can talk about your birth plan, your goals for the photos, and the look and feel you are envisioning.

Get in touch with me online, or call me at  (773) 405-0960

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