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A few weeks ago, I did a maternity session with Yvette. Yvette is expecting her third child, a baby boy. and had been looking for a Chicago area maternity photographer. I have to say, she is a mama warrior. She is a full-time working mom and is expecting her third child with two older toddlers. During this pandemic, she’s trying to navigate working from home with two toddlers. I feel like we are so much alike (I have 3 toddlers, which include 1 set of twins).

I knew Yvette was looking to take photos in a natural outdoor setting and I happened to find one in Lake Forest’s Open Lands. When I took Yvette to one of LFOL’s trailheads, she was very impressed with this location – there were fields of flowers everywhere!. I personally have a deep relationship with LFOL. It is special to me because my father in law was the president for many years and is still actively involved with it, and now my husband is on the board. Our family participates in many fundraisers and believes in the organization’s value. The organization puts so much effort to protect the lands in Lake Forest and Lake Bluff and makes them accessible to the public. It is one of my favorite locations for portrait sessions because the trails and fields provide a beautiful backdrop.

Common FAQs for a maternity session

Now let’s talk about some common questions for a maternity session and how to prepare.

1. When should I take my maternity session?

I usually recommend between 30-35 weeks. But it also depends on how big your bump is and if it’s your first pregnancy.  Take this pregnant mama, Yevette for example. This is her third pregnancy and her first two babies came into the world earlier than full term. So this time she is well prepared for the baby to come at 34 weeks. You also don’t want to wait until you are too far along and close to your due date. Typically, after 35 weeks, you will start to feel uncomfortable to move around, ex: getting up or down.  I think the best thing to do is to communicate with your photographer and decide what is the bes time for your maternity session.

2. What should I wear to my maternity session?

 I usually recommend a maxi dress. There are a few great reasons why a maxi dress is perfect for a maternity session. First, it’s comfortable for pregnant mamas. Second, it flatters your beautiful bump and body curves.  You certainly can’t go wrong with a maxi dress for your session. But you may ask “what if I don’t’ like to wear a dress? “ That’s okay. You can wear a pair of skinny jeans or leggings with a flowy lace blouse.

3. Where should I get my maternity session taken?

If you live in Chicago or nearby towns, we can go to my favorite location- Lake Forest Open Lands or if you have a certain location in mind for the outdoor session. If you like more privacy or an intimate session to show your body, I can go to your home for the session as well.

Are you feel uncomfortable in front of the camera? Or if you feel insecure about your body? As a mother and a photographer, I totally understand. But don’t worry. I will find the best angle to flatter your beautiful curves. You got it, mama. Let’s chat! I want to be your mama friend and your photographer.  Let’s talk.

Here is the website (CLICK HERE )of Lake Forest Open Lands if you want to know more about this place.

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