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At Home in Lake Forest | In-Home Newborn and Family Portraits

April 30, 2021
katie reynolds

One of the things that set newborn photography apart from other types of portraiture is the abundance of emotion. Babies themselves are full of wonder, and those tiny reflexes make for funny finger curls and stretched-out toes. Capturing those early days, these first moments of family bonding are part of what makes newborn photography so amazing.

However, it’s not just about the baby. Even if you’re bringing home the third or fourth addition to your family, this is the first time you’ve parented this baby. Your connection is so new and unique to this baby; it’s a thrill to capture the look on a parent’s face when they are cradling that tiny new bundle of love.

Nestled together on their big, comfy bed at home in Lake Forest, baby Mary Jane made her formal portrait debut, and it was a perfect time for an in-home newborn and family photo session. With big sister Lucy in tow, their session was as lively as it was touching.

Lucy was fascinated by Mary Jane’s size and baby noises, but Lucy also wanted to play! Perhaps the most frustrating part for siblings is that they are ready for a playmate and not excited to settle for a sleeping baby. The best way to capture them is to turn the session into more fun than just sitting and smiling!

Christy and I had chatted about their family wardrobe for their session, and I was thrilled to see she took my advice, selecting flattering clothes in neutral tones. The décor of their room and the natural light that poured into the windows created an ideal location for their newborn portraits. Having an intimate space where everyone feels comfortable and at home means that those big emotions and close connections fill the frame.

Once we got started, the home photography session moved swiftly and easily. Lucy and her Dad laughing while she jumps on the bed, quickly became sweet snuggles. Christy taking some time to nurse Mary Jane turns to family hugs and Lucy kissing Mary Janes sweet curls. Newborn portraiture is so much more than photos; it’s capturing and telling the story of the growth of a family and showcasing all the different personalities that make up the unit.
Christy’s choice of simple, non-busy color palettes for their wardrobe also means that as time and home décor fashions change, their portraits will hang well on their walls for decades to come. The key is to consider that these newborn portraits are truly a family heirloom that shouldn’t be full of fads or gimmicks; instead, they should showcase the joy and excitement of the newest member of your family where your family is the star of the show, not what you’re wearing.

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